Wolf O'Donnell

Wolf is a playable character in the All-Star Versus series, playable in every installment, and main antagonists of Star Fox. He has a major role in the story compared to every other Star Fox character.

Moveset Edit


Laser Pistol

Wolf Flash


Fire Wolf

Tornado "Barrel Roll" Kick

Rushing Bite

Super Charged Attack: Wolfen Assault: Wolf gets in his Arwing, flies out of the map and assaults the battlefield with repeated laser blasts and missiles.

Alternate Costumes: SSBB Alts (Super Smash Bros Brawl), and Star Fox Assault Wolf.

In Smash Bros Ultimate Edit

Wolf appears in Smash Bros Ultimate as an unlockable veteran. He also has a new final smash.

Standard Special: Laser

Side Special: Wolf Illusion

Recovery: Wolf Flash

Down Special: Reflector

Final Smash: Wolfen Assault (summons his arwing and shoots at the other players.)

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