The Logo For The Series.

I (Malybird),Drakath-Dragonlord of lightning,Iron Rigby,AngryGodzillaPie,& Rigbybestie1510 are making A RP Fanon Series Thats Coming Soon!

We Decided to call it Role Play Fighters.

We Hope You Enjoy!

Malybird- Storyboarder/Creator

Drakath-Dragonlord of lightning- Idealist

(Ryu) Iron Rigby- Writer

AngryGodzillaPie- Villan's Designer

Rigbybestie1510- Artist

RP Fighters Preview.

Ryu: Fighting for greed is not right! your sense of ethics and mortality are corrupted!

  • The three are floating overhead the Town*

Mal: I agree with fighting for fun, but killing, that shall only be for the enemies i shall defeat!

Rigs: So what? i agree with the fun and all, but killing? it's just taking away a Life!

All Three: Urgh...

  • All them prepare to fight...*
  • But Then...*

???: *Roars*

All Three: What's that?!

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