Ultra Battle is an RP involing Ultraman Belial. In this RP, Ultraman Belial swoops out of the sky and kidnapps Nya, in an attempt to get the Nunchucks of Lightning. The RP Crew must save Nya from Ultraman Belial when he unlocks his potential and becomes Arch-Belial, but only one RPer can stop him in that form but who?


  • This marks the 6th appearance of Nya.
  • In this RP, Zeus makes his 1st appearance.
  • This RP is based off the antagonist Ultraman Belial.
  • In this RP, Ultraman Belial becomes Arch-Belial, then back to Ultraman Belial when he gets defeated. But he still has the power to become Arch-Belial.
  • Drakath's Nunchucks of Lightning get stolen by Arch-Belial in this RP.

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