Samus is a playable character in the All-Star Versus series. She originates from the Metroid series and appears in all six installments in the All-Star Versus series.


Charge Shot


Screw Attack

Morph Ball

Heavy Missile

Ice Beam

Aeiral Bomb

Supercharged Attack: Zero Laser. Same attack in SSBB and SSB4.


Outfits: Standard, Fusion Suit, Power Suit, Varia Suit, Gravity Suit, Dark Suit, Pink Samus, and Dark Samus.

In Smash Bros Ultimate Edit

Samus appears as a veteran in Smash Ultimate.

Moveset Edit

Special: Charge Shot

Side Special: Missile

Recovery: Screw Attack

Down: Morph Ball

Final Smash: Zero Laser

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