Ryun from Street Fighter is a playable character in All-Star Versus 3: Ultimate through All-Star Versus 6: The Nightmare's Reawakening. He is a melee based fighter but has some ranged attacks.


Collar Bone Breaker




Tastumaki Senpukyaku

Focus Attack

Joudan Sokutogeri

Shakunetsu Hadoken

Supercharged Attack: Shinku Hadouken + Shin Shoryuken. A mix of both attacks.

Outfits: SSB4 alts + an outfit with the colors of Ken's outfit.

Special Attributes Edit

Complexity: Ryu can be rather complicated to play as, mainly because of his mixed close and long ranged attacks.

2 Hadokens: The Shakunetsu does multi hitting and fire damage.

In Smash Bros Ultimate Edit

Ryu was a DLC fighter in Smash Bros 4 but he is now a starter veteran in Smash Ultimate.

Moveset Edit

Special: Hadoken

Side: Tatsumaki

Recovery: Shoryuken

Down: Focus Attack

Final Smash: Shinku Haoken/Shin Shoryuken.

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