Raid is a new mod being created based off a Minecraft world by the same name. It is also being made by The person behind the All-Star Versus series. The world and this mos focuses on a freak accident where you opened up a gateway to another world that has monsters all over the place a city taken down by supernatural forces. You must rebuild the city, measure it's economy, defend it from monsters, and in general, be a good hero. There are other cities that are already rebuilt that you can visit, and even trade with.

Plot Edit

The plot changes depending on what story you are playing.

Hero: You and your team accidentally opened up a portal into the strange world filled with monsters. You have to restore a lost civilization and fight monsters along the way.

Neutral: Takes place during the war between Hell and Earth. You have to survive the war and assemble your own empire to battle Hell and The Void.

Villain: The exact opposite of hero. Assemble an army of villains and take over Earth.

Doomsday: All bets are off, you're hero, war survivor, and villain character team up to fight one final threat.


The four modes you can do.

Hero: The main game where you have to slay The Shadow. 

Neutral: A mode where you focus more on surviving the war rather than actually fighting. Neutral must be unlocked by completing 50% of Hero

Villain: The exact opposite of Hero mode. You must slay the heroes and assist The Shadow. Villain has to be unlocked by beating both Hero and Neutral.

Doomsday: The true final story where the heroes and monsters team up to slay the "Bane of Time". A supernatural force stronger than Oracle Guardian on a quest to destroy the galaxy. There is only 1 mission, slay Bane of Time using all 3 characters from the other stories. Doomsday has to be unlocked by beating 20 or more sidequests on all stories and beating the hero, neutral, and villain story.

Mechanics Edit

Permanent Death: If you happen to die at any point, your character will be permanently dead and must create a whole new hero. However, if you make a new hero and find where you died before, you can regain your items. However, if you died in a hazard zone (like lava), there is nothing you can do. This is only used if a player has their difficulty set to "insanity" or Halloween event's "nightmare".

Bounty: If you commit a crime (like murder) in any city, their army will put a bounty on you, if you're bounty is low, the guards will not mention it until you speak to them. If bounty is somewhat high, the guards will try to arrest you or confiscate any stolen items. If bounty is high, they will begin to attack you upon sight and call in mercenaries to kill you while exploring.

Team: Players can invite other players into joining their own small teams so assist in raids, boss battles, or just simply roaming around in general.

Army: Just like in many real time strategy games, you must assemble an army to assist you in whatever you're doing.

Time Travel: The RP begins near ancient times, then you slowly go through time to old school weaponry, modern, and enter the future!

Raids: Bring your army into raids to make clearing areas much easier and get more loot!

Dismantling: You can dismantle any weapon that you find and get some materials (ex. dismantle a sword and get the blade and handle, or dismantle a gun and get the clip and a handle.)

Cities Edit

Daewon- The main city you are trying to rebuild in the hero story. Combat focuses on both magic and military like style of defense. Economy: Depends on how you measure it. Chance of invasion: Medium. Population: Depends on how your city holds up.

Colossus- A neighboring city not to far from the eastern side of Daewon. Mainly focuses on a military like style of defense. Economy: Medium. Population: high. Chance of invasion: Medium

Graden- A faraway city located on Mount Venus Peak. Combat mostly magic as defense. Economy: low Chance of invasion: low. Population: Medium

Plutus: Faraway city located near God's Gate. Uses both military and magic as a defense. Long time rival to Daewon before war occurred. Economy: High. Chance of invasion: High. Population: Medium.

Denom: A neighboring city near the northern ocean. Uses military like style of defense. Economy: Medium. Chance of invasion: Medium. Population: low.

Defenses Edit

In the city, you can set up defense mechanisms to help defend.

Watchtower: The first thing to set up which alerts you if an invasion is about to occur.

Archer Tower: Rangers go inside the tower and shoot at any monsters.

Longbow Tower: Rangers have longbows and has a lot more range.

Cannon: Have minions shoot cannons at your enemies.

Turret: A semi-auto turret.

Spike Trap: Hidden pressure pads send spikes upwards piercing your enemies.

Catapult: A large catapult that throws objects.

Machine Gun Turret: A tripod mounted machine gun.

Spiked Barrier: A unique barrier covered in spikes.

Smoke Machine: A machine that produces smoke to throw off enemies.

Pendulum: A medieval style structure that swings an axe back and forth.

Hidden Pit: A large hole disguised as a part of ground.

Spy Drone: A drone that flies around and alerts you what monster(s) are nearby.

Sentry Gun: Place these down and watch them shoot at your enemies.

Landmines: Plant these suckers near or away from your city and take monsters by surprise!

Howitzer Gun: A huge rocket launcher.

Anti-Projectile Drone: Send a drone that destroys projectiles that get launched at the city.

Laser Turret: A tripod mounted turret that shoots a laser.

Structures Edit

These are buildings you have to deploy in your city in order to ensure victory.

Town Hall: The main building that begins the story.

Barracks: A building where you hire and manage your army.

Potion Store: A building that let's you obtain certain potions using gold.

Blacksmith: A structure where crafting is done.

Testing Field: A field surrounded by an electric fence used to test weapons.

Weapon Store: A store where you get to purchase any available weapons, ammo, and attachments.

Cosmetic Buildings: Edit

These buildings don't really matter to the plot, but they may make things easier and provide exclusive items.

Clothing Store: Purely used just for cosmetic changes to your character.

Difficulties Edit

All players are required to pick their own difficulties. Note: if a player has a difficulty set to something different than another ones, they won't be able to interfere with anything the other player is currently in other than a raid. (ex. fighting a monster).

Easy: Watch as enemies try so hard to kill you but just can't. No items will be lost upon death.

Normal: Enemies are a bit more threatening but still not too bad. Only money will be lost upon death.

Hard: Watch as enemies storm and rush you down. All items will be lost upon death.

Insanity: Watch as enemies will pin you down, beat you to death, and show you no mercy... again and again. All items will be lost upon death and must make a new hero in order to continue. Items of old hero can be found where you previously died.

Nightmare: Only in the Halloween/Full Moon event, the same effects as insanity apply, but with a new added "paranoia meter". This meter will cause effects to appear if a monster applies to much pressure on your hero or if you're running low on health. If meter reaches maximum, you will begin to experience hallucinations and slowly begin to black out.

Army Edit

You have to train an army in the city. Below is a list of all the minions you can train/hire.

Swordsman: Basic swordsman. Weak against ranged. Strong in melee. Very weak against strong.

Archer: Basic archer. Strong against ranged and melee. Weak against strong.

Mage: Basic mage. Strong against melee and rangers. Weak against other mages and military.

Golem: A strong minion. especially strong against archer and melee. Has to be unlocked. Weak against water and explosives.

Battering Ram: Very powerful against all defense and walls. Weak against explosives.

Knight: Slightly stronger version of a swordsman. Strong in melee. Weak in range. Has to be unlocked.

Marksman: Slightly faster and stronger than Archer. Has to be unlocked.

Unicorn: Slightly stronger and faster than mage. Powerful against melee. Weak against military. Has to be unlocked.

Soldier: Standard military. Uses both melee and ranged. Strong against melee and ranged. Weak against strong and explosives. Has to be unlocked.

Demolition Man: Mostly uses explosives. Very powerful against some strongs, ranged, and melees. Weak against magic. Has to be unlocked.

Hunter: Uses long range hunting rifle. Very weak in short range combat. Strong against melee and slow. Has to be unlocked.

K9 Unit: A fast and aggressive dog. Very strong against melee and strong enemies. Weak against all range. Has to be unlocked.

Assassin: Perfect minion to go stealth. Strong against all forms of enemies. Weak against all if spotted. Has to be unlocked.

Officer: Slightly stronger version of a soldier. Has to be unlocked.

Engineer: A soldier that assembles structures to help out in raids. Has to be unlocked.

Pegasus: A rushdown horse with the ability to fly. Has to be unlocked.

Hero Mercenary Edit

These special minions can be real difficult to obtain and will fight alongside you.

Executioner: A large heavy armored minion wielding a long range axe. Unlocked by completing 10 "bounty hunter" side quests.

Angel: A big and lightweight minion that provides a healing affect while attack enemies. Unlocked by slaying 20 demons near the God Gate.

Alchemist: A scientist wielding a magic gun and occasionally produces potions over time. Unlocked by purchasing at least 50 potions at a potion store and unlocking enchantments for any gun.

Super Soldier: A heavy armored soldier wielding a heavy machine gun and rocket launcher. Unlocked by slaying 15 Zombie Super Soldier bosses and doing 5 raids with only military troops.

Final Blow Edit

A mechanic similar to the "supercharged attack" from the All-Star Versus series. A meter will fill during combat and when it is fully charged, you unleash a powerful attack at your opponent. These must be unlocked or learned after completing certain raids. Some of these will not work in raids.

Thunderstorm: Summons thunder in a rapid succession.

Repulsion Laser: Summons a large multi-hitting laser.

Reaper Rush: Requires a scythe weapon, rushes into opponents and beat them merciless with a scythe.

Dragon Call: Call in a spiritual dragon to assault your enemy.

Acid Rain: Summon a cloud that literally rains acid on your enemies.

Meteor Shower: Summons a bunch of meteors to rain down on your opponent.

Arrow Rain: A whole bunch of arrows come down and rain on the battlefield.

Enemies Edit

These enemies can be found during invasions, wandering around in general, or in dungeons.

Zombies: Basic and most common melee enemy. Has a chance of wearing armor and wielding a weapon.

Skeleton: Armed with a sword. Mostly found near or inside ruins or dungeons. Can spawn in overworld as well.

Psycho: A human that hunts and kills other humans.

Giant Spider: Agile and half the size of a zombie. Engages in fast melee combat.

Terror Bird: Often in packs, large killer birds that can't fly. Uses deadly headbutting and clawing attacks.

Zombie Knight: Full armored and wielding a sword. Somewhat slow and hits harder.

Necromancer: Evil version of a mage. Has a chance of being a "Evil Fire Mage".

Zombie Knight + Zombie Horse: Fast and hits hard. Most commonly found during invasions.

Demon: Found only in Hell and Hell on Earth. Mostly in the air and shooting fire.

Possessed Unicorn: Self explanatory.

Giant Crocodile: Large crocodiles often found in swamps, jungles, or any place with water (including beaches).

Ice Beast: Has a chance of giving you frost bite if hit. Attacks with ice and only found in areas with snow or ice.

Pimp Zombie: A slightly taller zombie dressed a pimp. Wields a pimp cane disguised as either a blunderbuss, musket, or a shotgun.

Teleporter: A hostile mage that has the ability to teleport.

Stalker Mutant: A mutant that lurks in shadows and throws surprise attacks.

Troll: Huge beasts that uses melee combat.

Alien: Only found in space. Uses laser guns to attack.

Alien Knight: Only found in space. Uses laser swords.

Alien Sentry: Robot-like entity uses laser guns to attack.

Hacked Sentry Gun: Hostile Sentry Gun.

Humanoid: Hostile robot with human capabilities.

Hostile Robot: Just a hostile robot armed with a random weapon.

Robot Pyromancer: A robot that only uses fire attacks.

Drone: Often small hovering drones that shoot at you.

Ground Drone: A drone that steers on any surface that will shoot at you.

Kobra: A big hostile snake.

Venomous Snake: Bigger snakes with a chance to cause venom.

Morpher: Evil mage that can transform into anything nearby.

Giant: Do we even need to describe this?

Hostile Assassin: Evil version of the assassin minion.

Cultist: Powerful beings using magic.

Shark: Basic water monster.

Swordfish: A swordfish...what else?

Piranha: Looks like a normal fish bit swims slightly faster and attacks.

Sea Mutant: A lot bigger and stronger than Shark. Mostly found near Hell on Earth or Entrance to Void.

Fire Mutant: Only found in Hell on Earth or Hell it's self.

Shadow Beast: Strong being that emerges from shadows/dark areas. Commonly found in Void, Dark World, or unlit areas.

Giant Scorpions: Can grow up to one meter long, tons of armor, and a large venomous claws. Often found in deserts, swamps, and jungles.

Killer Plants: Can grow up to taller than your character. Covered in thorns and has a chance to have poison ivy spawn in it. Only found in swamps and jungles.

Poison Ivy: Small plants that can cause irritation effects to your character.

Goliath Bird Eater: Huge spider only found in caves, has a high chance to cause poison upon damage.

Big Bullet Ant: Causes...bullet damage? Upon damage.

Ghost Warrior: A ghost warrior...what else?

Hostile Vampire: Basic vampire.

Hostile Werewolf: Hostile version of werewolf.

Great White Shark: Huge shark with large HP and attack. Kill three of these to summon the boss "Megalodon".

Stinging Bush: A bizarre plant that causes stinging damage by simply touching it.

Raptors: Smaller versions of the T-Rex boss. Found in The Dead and canyons.

Nightmare Spawn: Only found during the secret Nightmare boss battle. Dark humans wielding weapons and having ghostly voices.

Giant Hornet: Large hornets that has a chance to cause a strong poison if attacked by it.

Polar Bear: Only found in snowy areas...powerful attacking strength.

Komodo Dragon: Big lizards with a venomous bite.

Vampire Squid: Oh my god...what even is this? It shoots ink to distract you, attack you with the teeth all over the inside of its mouth, turn it inside out to defend, and emit a blue light to camouflage itself in the water.

Giant Huntsman Spider: Huge spiders that can sprint towards you and even jump at you. Has a high chance to poison.

Pot Hole: A hoe in the ground that can trip you our do some damage to a vehicle.

Viperfish: Fangs are so large, they dont fit in its mouth. Has a light attached to it to attract preys.

Anglerfish: A large piranha that bites you with sharp jagged teeth, has a light attached to its crooked spine to attract preys, and the female ones are larger.

Gargoyle: A hard hitting beast that disguises as a statue. The statue is unkillable.

Alien Mutant: A large six legged alien. They attack on two legs and charge on all six. They bite, spit acid, and even claw you with its other legs.

Alien Scavenger: A alien that has a human body structure, has spiked arms, and has fragile body parts that can be removed. However, they regrow the lost body parts. Can only be killed by hitting them in the back a few times.

Terrorist: Incredibly hostile humans often wielding guns or explosives.

Mercenary: Only will appear if you have a high bounty in a city. Heavy armored guards that wield hard-hitting weapons.

Harpy: Female creatures that look like birds with human faces and human hands. throw spears and wield swords.

Denkimushi: Releases chemicals and can electrocute you. Only found in jungles.

Hellhound: A hostile K9 made of fire. Can spawn a Hellhound Hallucinator.

Hellhound Hallucinator: A hallucination of a Hellhound. Deals no damage, mainly there for a distraction. Has white fog emerging off of it instead of fire.

Black Hole: Only found in Space, unkillable holes that sit there and will pull you in. Resulting in insta death.

Asteroid: Found in Space or rare events on a planet, large rocks that will impact surfaces.

Large Pangolin: A large armored hostile mammal. Drops Pangolin Scales to make armor.

Hero: Exclusive to the villain story. Male and female knights that fight to kill The Shadow.

Void Swordsman: A void version of a swordsman.

Void Ranger: A void version of a ranger.

Void Battering Ram: A void version of a battering ram.

Corruptmancer: A void version of a mage.

Corrupticorn: A void version of a unicorn.

Void Werewolf: A void version of a werewolf.

Void Giant: A void version of a giant.

Corruptitron: A void version of a hostile robot, humanoid, or drone.

Void Alien: A void version of an alien.

Bio Minion: A minion of Bioterror during the secret boss fight.

NPCs Edit

These people are found by exploring, in cities, or by complete random.

Joseph Francis: The owner of the Daewon church.

Luke Verez: A professional hunter.

Nick Jordan: A former captain of the guards before the war occurred.

Guard: Found in cities or imprisoned inside a raid area.

Traveling Merchant: Found anywhere. Sell some rare items and the spawn rate is low.

Sirens: Found in the eastern ocean. Often near sea forts.

Yandere-Chan: A guest character. Kill 10 psychos, craft a dagger, enter the Daewon Ruins Prison, and a secret room opens up and you see Yandere-Chan. Gives you the "Psycho-Path Dagger" and "Senpai Picture" (a reference to Yandere Simulator).

Predator: A guest character. Shoot down 4 UFOs, enter the modern time, use "pre-apocalypse vision" on a broken down spacecraft, leave, and the place will be for some reason still there and Predator will give you a laser pistol early.

Ghost: A guest character. Enter the future, use "pre-apocalypse vision" in a shot down space shuttle and you will see Ghost from Destiny. Leave "pre-apocalypse vision" and he will be hovering with you. Gives you the "Alien Data Cell 3" (a quest item in the future).

Bosses Edit

Super powerful beings found. Some are found when certain requirements are meant for the boss to spawn.

Zombie Super Soldier: Giant zombie wearing heavy armor and wielding a powerful machine gun or rocket launcher. Mostly found after an invasion or near an abandoned military zone.

Dragon: Mostly found near mountains or plains. Dragon locations are marked with a bright red danger zone symbol. There is also a water, ice, blood, and dark dragon.

Blood Golem: Mostly found in Blood Zone. Must sacrifice any living creature to summon and fight it.

Deathbounder: Found in The Dead. Has no trigger and appears at complete random. A large skeletal being that comes out of the ground, has a dragon's head, and the claws of a eagle.

Megalodon: The largest shark to ever exist. Found by killing three Great White Sharks.. Swims incredibly fast and does a ton of damage (has a chance to instakill). Bring a boat, submarine, or any other water vehicle to guarantee survival.

Titanoboa: Largest snake to ever exist. Found in jungle, clear out any "supercave" and Titanaboa will come out to fight you.

Death Worshiper: Usually found at the end of catacombs, tombs, or dungeons. The species is a cross between supernatural, human, and mythical. Attacks using "Dark Magic".

Supreme Cultist: Very powerful cultist found at the end of castles, towers, fortresses, dungeons, and catacombs.

Sandworm: A large worm made of of sand, rocks, sandstone, and other materials. Often digging underground and attacking from below. Found randomly near tombs, sand castles, or any other raid area.

Camel Scorpion: Only found in deserts. Found after completing any tomb, sand castle, or any other desert raid area.

Jaekolopterus: Found by killing a few sea mutants. Completely random, can grab your leg and drag you underwater.

Purussasurus: Only found in swamps, beaches, or jungles. Found by completing Cellars, caves, or randomly exploring the swamps.

Gorgonops: A "tag-team boss". These large beasts can rush you down and deal massive damage. Only found in Kingdom of Darkness and The Dead. Found by clearing ANY raid in said areas or near it.

Mosasarus: Only found in The Dead, not as strong as the Megalodon, but it can swim faster and attack faster. Found by clearing any "Dead Ocean Temples".

T-Rex: Most common dinosaur boss...also happens to be the most dangerous. Only found in The Dead. Spawns by the same way as Gorgonops.

Vale: Supersized crocodile found by completing a Daewon, Colossus, or Plutus sewer raid. Have to run from it, jump into a large pit similar to The Hub and fight it in there.

Mastercomputers: A hacked large computer that summons robots to attack you. Can also mess with the battlefield by making electric currents run across the floor. Found by getting halfway through the "intergalactic space raid". This boss can be skipped. WARNING: Destroy 3 of them and Robo Pyromaster will come out.

Robo Pyromaster: A large robot fought in Space or on Earth if you entered the future stage. Mainly uses fire attacks. Found by completing after destroying the 3 Mastercomputers in the "intergalactic space raid".

Doomsday Drone: A large robot armed with missile launchers, a laser cannon, and dual wield flamethrowers. Found by slaying Robo Pyromaster.

Killadozer: A large modified bulldozer armed with a semi-auto rifle. The lift of the bulldozer also has spikes covering it. Also has super heavy armor making it difficult to pass through the defense. Has a chance to shoot a rocket at you. EMP grenades won't work due to the armor it has.

K-90: Found in the Asgan Factory, cannot be fought unless Killadozer and Camel Scorpion to be slain. A large mutated scorpion/spider hybrid.

Brute: A large mutant wielding either a minigun, rocket launcher, or flamethrower. Found during invasions or at abandoned military zones when the timeline enters "modern war".

Centaur: A half human, half bull hybrid that wields a huge battleaxe.

Cerberus: A 3 headed Hellhound. Found every time before you enter "Hell's Center".

The Shadow: The final boss of hero story. A near carbon copy of yourself, only much more powerful and is made out of pure darkness. This is the only boss where the name changes depending on the species you play as. Playing as a werewolf or vampire changes the name to Shadow Werewolf or Shadow Vampire for example.

Corrupted God: The final boss of neutral story. A god that is under The Corrupted's curse.

The Legend: The final boss of villain story. The one god who summoned your hero character.

Bane of Time: The true final boss, the only boss in the Doomsday story.

Nightmare: Secret boss fight. Only found when you fall asleep during a "nightmare night" occurrence.

Bioterror: Secret boss fight. Only found when every boss (minus secret and event exclusive bosses) has been slain and enter the Kingdom of Darkness during "nightmare night".

Typhon: A secret boss fight. Enter Hell, trigger a Raid then cancel it and run into "Volcano Typhon."

Passive Creatures Edit

Random creatures that poses no threat...some will attack you if attacked first.

Bunny: Only found in areas with grass. Can be kept as a pet.

Pigs: Only in areas with grass. Can be kept in barns or as a pet.

Sheep: Only found in plains, valleys, forests, or woods. Can be kept in barns or as a pet.

Wild Cat: Found anywhere. Will attack if attacked first. Will attack nearby monsters. Can be kept as a pet.

Bee: Only found near trees or flowers. Will attack if flowers or beehives are destroyed when nearby. Can attack any monster that approaches their territory.

Cow: Only found when no monsters are nearby. Can be kept in barns.

Horses: Only found in areas with grass, dirt, or rocks. Can help in combat if monster attacks them. Can be kept as a pet, use of transportation, and at barns.

Bird: Found anywhere. Can by kept as a pet.

Mermaids: Found deep in the water, most commonly found near underwater cities. Will attack nearby monsters.

Frog: A somewhat rare animal usually found near water.

Glass Frog: An even rarer frog usually found in forests, swamps, and jungles. A frog that has a see-through belly.

Seagull: Only found near water.

Hummingbird: Found anywhere.

Woodpecker: Only found near wood.

Snake: Found in any place with grass. Will attack if provoked and can attack nearby monsters.

Alligators: Only found in swamps, jungles, or anywhere with water. Will attack if something gets too close to it. Will attack any nearby monster.

Goat: Only found when no monsters are nearby. Can be kept at barns.

Elephants: Only found in jungles, plains, and valleys. Will attack if attacked first and will attack any nearby monster.

Fish: Only found in water (obviously). Can be kept as a pet.

Crab: Only found near water. Will attack nearby monsters. Can be kept as a pet.

Stink Bugs: Found anywhere. Sprays a horrible smell if approached. Can spray monsters as well.

Mantis: Only found near plants. Can be kept as a pet.

Devil Flower's Mantis: Only found near plants. Looks ugly but poses no threat.

Unicorns: Found anywhere. Will attack if attacked first. Can help in combat if any monster is nearby. Can be kept as a pet, use of transportation, train as a security unit, or at barns.

Pegasus: Found anywhere. Will attack if attacked first. Will attack any nearby monster. Can be use of transportation, kept as a pet, or train as a security unit.

Triceratops: Only found in canyons or The Dead. Will attack if attacked first. Will attack nearby monsters.

Giant Isopod: This is gross. But will not attack.

Coconut Crab: Huge crab. Will attack if provoked. Will attack nearby monsters.

Hero Customization Edit

This customization gives you a lot to work with.

Genders: Male or Female

Species: Human, Werewolf, Vampire, Unicorn, or Robot.

Taunts Edit

NOTE: Some taunts are exclusive to certain species.

Dog Piss- your character lifts up a leg and reenacts a dod pissing.

Execution- exclusive to human, werewolf, and vampire. Clenches hand (or paw) into a fist, tilts it sideways, and moves it across the neck.

Heart Attack- exclusive to human, werewolf, and vampire. Uses both hands (or paws) to outline the shape of a heart and then begins biting it rapidly.

Locations Edit

Hub: No monsters in area and is a large pit with railways that lead to the cities and pathways that lead into the world.

Daewon Ruins: First location you come across during the hero story. Houses include butcher shop (requires a key), police station (houses a key), potion store, courthouse, school, camp, church, an amusement park, weapon testing grounds, and general houses.

Dremur Woods: First location you spawn in during the neutral story. Can be seen when you go to the Dremur planet during the hero or villian story.

Mount Hujk: First location you spawn in during the villian story. Can be found on the planet Remn.

Grasslands: Most common area. Monsters appear more often at night.

Plains: Mostly flat version of grasslands. Monsters appear day and night.

Desert: Also pretty common area. Monsters appear during day and night.

Forest: Grasslands but with bunch of trees. Monsters appear day and night.

Jungle: Mainly located near swamps or forests. Trees much larger and harder to navigate. Monsters appear day and night.

Arctic: Found in many places. Monsters appear during night.

Mountains: Large and steep hills. Difficult to navigate and mostly found near arctics. Monsters appear day and night. Mount Venus houses Graden on top of it.

Cellars: Located near Southern Jungle Temple is a secret room found in front of a clay pond. Upon breaking down the wall, a hidden room appears and turns into a fully lit dungeon.

Abandoned Military Zone: Somewhat rare locations that houses zombified soldiers and has a chance to contain the "Zombie Super Soldier" boss. Zombies appear regardless of time of day.

Catacombs: Commonly found near temples, dungeons, and castles. One catacomb is found near the Colossus Cemetery. Monsters are zombies and skeletons.

Castles: Large areas that are found near ruins, temples, dungeons, or in random locations. Houses a large variety of monsters.

Marble Caves: Caves that glow blue due to all the marble. The colors are changed due to lakes nearby.

Waterfall: Yes, waterfalls.

Caño Cristalas River: A river that has crystal clear water that has moss in it that changes the water into different colors.

Stone Forest: A small forest that has rocks bigger than the trees.

God's Gate: A large gateway found near Plutus and the northern ocean. Angels spawn there and will heal you. There is also a bed and resupply room. The first location you spawn at during the Doomsday story.

God's Monument: A large monument found on the "Mount Neptune Peak" which is found to the right side of the northern ocean.

Space: Requires a rocket to launch and fight aliens. Requires Daewon to be 25% rebuilt.

Mercury: First planet to The Sun. Contains all fire monsters.

Venus: Second planet from The Sun. Contains all fire type monsters.

Mars: Fourth planet from The Sun. Requires any face protection to see. Contains only aliens and drones to fight.

Jupiter: Fifth planet form The Sun. Requires special goggles to see. Contains only aliens, drones, and giant monsters.

Saturn: Sixth planet from The Sun: Requires thermal goggles to see. Contains ice monsters, drones, aliens, and giant monsters.

Uranus: Seventh planet from The Sun: Has a chance to get instant frost bite upon entering. Contains only ice monsters and aliens.

Neptune: Eighth planet from The Sun: Has a chance to get instant frost bite upon entering. Contains only ice monsters.

Asgan: A planet outside the solar system.

Dremr: A planet outside the solar system.

Remn: A planet outside the solar system.

Mulz: A planet outside the solar system.

Kingdom of Fire: Very dangerous and hostile kingdom near The Dead.

The Dead: Very dangerous biome where the grass is dead and all water is turned into acid. Night is permanent in that area. Monsters have high spawn rates.

Hell on Earth: Literally, hell is rising into the overworld and burnt down an entire jungle. Monsters are Hell monsters and high spawn rate. Night is also permanent.

Hell: The Hell portal has to be built. All 12 Soul Keys have to be found and must be level 50 or higher to enter. 50% of Daewon is also required.

Kingdom of Darkness: A portal must be built. A reskin of Daewon Ruins...but there are hellhounds, corrupted humans, and ghost warriors. 

The Void: Final area in the mod where the final bosses (Void Deathlord and Oracle Guardian) await. Cannot access without Daewon completely rebuilt, at least level 70 or higher, and Kingdom of Darkness and Hell taken over.

Celestial Realm: Only found in the villian story, where the final boss The Legend awaits. Cannot access until all cities have been destroyed, the emperor to be slain, and have 4 god bosses slain.

The Nightmare: Found during the secret Nightmare boss fight.

Event Exclusive Areas Edit

Nightmare Forest: Much larger version of a forest, permanent night, and found in Halloween Event.

Cedlack Chapel: Demonic church with furniture made by human bones, found in Halloween Event.

Suicide Forest: Largest forest that can spawn. Flooded with corpses, zombies and skeletons spawn. Found in Halloween Event.

Frost Woods: Large forest mostly covered in ice and snow. Found in Christmas/Winter event.

Festive Arctic: A Christmas reskin of an arctic.

Effects Edit

Bleeding- causes multi-hitting damage.

Burn- causes fire damage and does multi-hitting damage.

Poisoned- has a high chance to kill. Does powerful multi-hitting damage.

Treasures Edit

These rare items are mostly found in caves, dungeons, or castles. These can be sold for high prices or used in crafting.

Amethyst: $120

Diamond: $800

Emerald: $600

Ruby: $200

Sapphire: $400

Gold Bar: $500

Silver Necklace: $360

Silver Necklace (Jeweled): $380

Moon Gem:$980

Celestial Gem: $1,400

Lunar Gem: $1,600

Hope Diamond: 2,000

Crafting Materials Edit

Most of the items can be found either by exploring or purchasing them.

Wood: Most common material, just chop down a tree or gather wood in the middle of nowhere.

Stone: Also pretty common, go into caves, castles, or even dungeons. Destroy some large boulders or rocks and get these.

Bronze: Kind of weak if applies to a weapon or armor.

Brick: Used to add new additions to houses.

Iron: Made by using the Forge on an Iron Ore which is found in caves and dungeons.

Steel: Slightly stronger than iron.

Granite: Used to form Golems and other stone minions. Found in caves.

Quartz: Found in caves.

Obsidian: A rare stone found only near lava.

Gold: Made by using the Forge on a Gold Ore, only found in caves or dungeons.

Diamond: Incredibly rare gem only found in caves that go really deep.

Hide: Found by killing animals like cows, deer, and others.

Wool: Found by killing sheep.

Feather: Found by killing any winged creature except dragons.

Unicorn Horn: Found by killing a unicorn or possessed unicorn.

Paper: Found by destroying or looting bookshelves.

Handle: Used to form weapons. Found in any location where weapons were used (ex. castles). Can also be found by dismantling weapons.

Wire: Found by killing any mechanical creature.

Gear: Found by killing any mechanical creature.

Hammer Head: The head for a hammer. Found in landfills, abandoned schools, or dungeons.

Heavy Steel: Found by killing any mechanical creature or inside abandoned factories.

Empty Beer Bottle: Used to make Molotov cocktails. Can also be used as weapon.

Oil: Found by killing any mechanical creature.

Served Arm: Found by killing a zombie.

Wheat: Found by farming wheat. Used to make break.

Empty Shell: A shell for ammo. Found by killing terrorists, zombies, or any mechanical creature.

Torn Notebook: Found in landfills, abandoned schools, or dungeons.

Broken Lenses: Found in landfills, dungeons, or abandoned labs.

Spike: Found by disarming a spike trap.

Broken Spear: Found by disarming a spear trap.

Empty Pistol: Found in abandoned military bases or a rare chance in castles or dungeons.

Soul: Found by killing anything (except mechanical) and using the "Soul Absorption" spell.

Items Edit

Health Potion: Heals 50 HP

Big Healing Potion: Heals 100 HP

Great Healing Potion: Heals 125 HP

Ultra Healing Potion: Heals 150 HP

Vigorous Healing Potion: Heals 300 HP

Legendary Healing Potion: Heals all HP

Stamina Potion: Heals 50 ST

Big Stamina Potion: Heals 100 ST

Great Stamina Potion: Heals 125 ST

Ultra Stamina Potion: Heals 150 ST

Vigorous Stamina Potion: Heals 300 ST

Legendary Stamina Potion: Heals all ST.

Magic Potion: Heals 50 MP

Big Magic Potion: Heals 100 MP

Great Magic Potion: Heals 125 MP

Ultra Magic Potion: Heals 150 MP

Vigorous Magic Potion: Heals 300 MP

Legendary Magic Potion: Heals all ST

Raw Porkchop: Heals 10

Cooked Porkchop: Heals 30 HP

Raw Beef: Heals 5.5 HP

Steak: Heals 15 HP

Raw Chicken: Heals 5 HP

Cooked Chicken: Heals 20 HP

Raw Mutton: Heals 10 HP

Cooked Mutton: Heals 30 HP

Carrot: Heals 1.5 HP

Cabbage: Heals 2.5 HP

Potato: Heals 7.5 HP

Onion: Heals 6 HP

Raw Fish: Heals 10 HP

Cooked Fish: 16 HP

Red Apple: Heals 2 HP

Green Apple: Heals 2 HP

Spells Edit

Predator Vision: An invisible burst of energy that allows you to see enemies through walls and long distance. All enemies will glow red when active.

Weapons Edit

Fists: When you have nothing.

Wooden Board: Whack people with a slab of wood. Can be used in crafting.

Baton: Pretty much a whacking stick.

Dagger: Small blade that swings quickly but weak damage.

Hammer: Literally, a hammer. Swings fast and does more damage than a dagger. Can be upgraded.

Bow: Classic bow and arrow.

Crossbow: Classic crossbow. Can be upgraded.

Hatchet: Smaller version of an axe. Can be thrown. Can be upgraded.

Axe: Swings slightly slower but hits harder. Can be upgraded.

Battleaxe: Swings slower but hits even harder.

Sword: Swings somewhat slow but does decent damage. Can be upgraded.

Scimitar: Slightly smaller and swings faster.

Longsword: Longer version of the sword. Overall range increased. Can be upgraded.

Greatsword: Swings slower and hits harder. Range also increased.

Musket: Yeah, a musket.

Flintlock Pistol: Become a pirate with this weapon. Yar!

Whip: Super long range weapon. Has a chance to paralyze.

Bolt Action Rifle: Standard bolt action rifle.

Sledgehammer: Much larger hammer. Can only be used as a weapon. Swings slow but hits hard.

Combat Knife: A short knife specifically built for combat.

Repeater: Old school semi-auto rifle.

Tomahawk: A small axe meant for throwing.

Big Hook: A large hook...literally.

Throwing Knife: A standard knife meant for throwing.

Double-Barrel Shotgun: Standard double-barreled shotgun.

MP40- World War I based sub machine gun.

Crowbar: Slightly bigger range and hits harder than a scimitar.

Carbine: Basic bolt-action rifle.

Revolver: Basic cowboy weapon. Yee-haw!

Handgun: Standard handgun. Most basic firearm.

Baseball Bat: Hit enemies across the head with this thing. Weak damage, but hits really fast.

Magnum: A stronger handgun. However, the magnum ammo is rare.

MK48: Standard light machine gun.

Katana: Sword with huge range and faster swing speed.

SMG: A standard sub machine gun.

Shotgun: Standard shotgun

Rifle: A basic rifle.

Hunting Rifle: Slightly weaker but holds more ammo.

Grenade: Basic throwing weapon with an explosion.

Pyro Grenade: Grenade that unleashes fire upon explosion.

Desert Eagle: A handgun that shoots magnum rounds.

Flashbang: Grenade that unleashes a bright flash of light. Has a chance to blind an enemy.

Smoke Grenade: Grenade that unleashes smoke to distract an enemy. Deals no damage.

Concussion Bomb: A modified grenade to slow down and disorients an enemy. Deals no damage.

EMP Grenade: A modified grenade used to shut down any electronic enemy (except bosses), has no effect and deals no damage to normal enemies.

Nerve Gas: A small glass container filled with poisonous gas. 

Nitrogen Bomb: A bomb with nitrogen in it. Has a chance to cause frostbite and an even rarer chance to freeze an enemy.

Saw: A multi-hitting melee weapon. Has a chance to cause the enemy to bleed.

Halberd: An axe that has decent strength and a fast swing speed.

Tranquilizer: A small handgun that has a chance to stun an enemy.

LSAT: A large and powerful machine gun with tons of ammo.

Taser: Short one handed weapon that gives electrical shocks.

Taser Gun: A gun version of a taser.

Mace: Somewhat hard hitting one handed weapon.

Pepper Spray: Spray this at your enemies faces to have a chance to stun them.

Glock: A slightly stronger pistol. Holds more ammo, more damage, and more range.

Riot Shotgun: A pump-action shotgun that has less range but more power and ammo.

Tommy Gun: A lightweight machine gun that houses a lot of ammo.

Trip Mine: A mine that shoots out of the ground and blows up if an enemy steps on it.

Landmine: A mine that is easily planted on the ground. Will explode if any enemy runs into it.

Sticky Grenade: A standard grenade that will stick to NPCs and surfaces.

C4: A bomb that will get stuck to walls and floors.

M16A1: An assault rifle that holds more ammo and has greater range.

Semi-auto Shotgun: A shotgun that has no pump and can shoot in rapid bursts. Has a lot of more ammo.

Plasma Pistol: First future weapon, a handgun with infinite ammo, but runs on a heating system.

Plasma Machine Gun: A machine gun that fires plasma.

Plasma Shotgun: A shotgun that shoots plasma.

Plasma Rifle: A rifle that shoots plasma..

Special Weapons Edit

Weapons that can be crated or incredibly rare drops.

Flamethrower: A large weapon that shoots fire.

Gatling Gun: A huge machine gun with tons of ammo and firepower.

Fire Rod: A blazing version of a baton.

Super Blunderbuss: A bigger and more powerful version of the blunderbuss. Fires shotgun shells.

Burst Launcher: A grenade launcher that charges up to shoot 4 grenades in a rapid fire.

M1 Garand: A rifle that has only 8 shots per clip, requires cartridge to be empty to reload, but has longer range and higher damage.

Burst Shotgun: A shotgun with the same effects as the Burst Launcher.

Pyro Launcher: A rocket launcher that explodes into an inferno.

Buzzer: A multi-hitting wooden plank, but with a sawblade attached to it. Has a chance to cause bleed.

Dragon's Breath: Flamethrower that unleashes green flames. Holds more ammo but fires slower.

Sawer Gun: A rapid fire or 3 round burst machine gun. Has the blade of a chainsaw under the barrel which can cause multi-hitting damage, as well as a chance to cause bleed.

Necro Book: A spell book that gives you access to dark magic.

Immortal Blade: An enchanted blade that does poison damage.

Grenade Pistol: A pistol that fires grenades.

Assault Shotgun: A rapid fire shotgun that has a lot of ammo, a scope, and two grips for perfect accuracy.

Dark Breath: Flamethrower that shoots dark flames and has even more ammo and has a chance to blind an enemy.

Single Barrel Blaster: A powerful handgun that uses shotgun shells, only has one shot, but reloads quickly.

Knife Launcher: A gun that uses knives for ammo.

Mine Launcher: A large launcher that fires mines. Can be detonated by a monster stepping on it, or using the detonator on it.

Clusterbomb Launcher: A grenade launcher that fires rounds that explodes and creates smaller mini explosions after.

Reaper: A laser rifle that charges into a multi-hitting laser that lasts around 3 seconds.

Railgun: A rifle that has a charges up into a grenade explosion.

Rainbow Gun: A railgun that fires multi-hitting rainbows.

Cyborg Arms: A pair of gauntlets that serves a piece of armor and can also transform into any of these weapons: Saw Blade, Grenade Launcher, and rocket powered punches.

Chainsaw: A powerful multi-hitting weapon that runs on fuel or batteries. Has a chance to cause bleed.

Nailgun: A machine gun that uses nails for ammo and has a chance to poison enemies.

Paladin Blade: A greatsword that swings fast and hits very hard.

Energy Launcher: A rocket launcher that shoots explosive energy bolts.

Energy Blade: A sword made of pure energy.

Attachments Edit

Extras you can attach to your weapons.

Curve-able Blade: A blade that you can curve. Only for swords.

Spike: Only for the baseball bat. Has a chance to cause bleeding.

Tri-Arrow: A new base that allows a bow and crossbow to shoot 3 arrows at once.

Grip: A new grip to improve accuracy. Applies to all range weapons.

Extended Clip: Only for guns, holds extra ammo.

Scope: For any gun, even crossbows and bow & arrows. Attach a scope for long range.

Secondary Scope: Only for rifles and snipers, adds an extra scope to look through.

Heat Signature: Only for rocket launchers, adds a sensor for homing missiles.

Element Changer: Only for staffs, can change the element at any time.

Grenade Launcher: Only for assault rifles and shotguns. Shoots grenades out of a second barrel.

Electric Charge: Only for flamethrowers. Changes the fire into electricity.

Shotgun: Only for assault rifles. Fires shotgun shells out of a second barrel.

Claw: Only for...bracers and gauntlets? Arms claws that deal slightly more damage.

Dual Wield: Only for pistols, smgs, shotguns, machine pistols, swords, knives, maces, and every other one handed weapon. Hold two weapons. However, you can't aim or block.

Parachute: Only for chestplate armor. Yes, attach a parachute into armor.

Sawblade: Only for the Cyborg Arms special weapon. Add in a sawblade for powerful multi-hitting damage.

Upgrades Edit

Buffs for your character, weapons, and even armor. Every time you level up, you get a Upgrade Token. If a certain category is maxed out, you can refund all of the tokens and keep 2 upgrades from the category you refunded.

Vehicles Edit

Horse: Ride a horse across the land.

Unicorn: A horse that can fight for you.

Horse + Wagon: A more safer way to ride your horse. It's the Oregon Trial all over again!

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