Nya Bilens is the younger sister of Alex and the identity of Samurai X. She has a crush on Drakath and appeared in the RPs Solitude's melody, Journey to the Underworld, and Godzilla: Battle Royale. In Journey to the Underworld , she was captured by the Trio of Destruction along with Angry, Ed Walker, Edna Walker, and Audit. In Solitude's Melody , she was separated from her crush (Drak), and they were the only ones who had faith in Aphrodite's plan. In Godzilla:Battle Royale , she was captured by the Trio of Destruction again. And in X Marks, she is captured by Red X along with Mal's hollow mask.


  • She was one of the 5 female characters who appeared in the RPs. In order: Nya, Edna Walker, utter solitude, Aphrodite, and Shane.
  • She is kidnapped in Solitude's Melody by IT.
  • Nya is captured in every RP she appears in except Wrath of Wargoth.

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