Nightmare is a secret boss in Raid. Unlike Bioterror, the requirements to fight him are not too crazy.

Encounter Edit

In order to fight Nightmare, all you have to do is sleeping during Nightmare Night.

Boss Fight Edit

When you first begin the fight, you spawn on top of a skyscraper floating in mid air, there is also no ground holding the building. You must climb other buildings until you find one you can enter. You pull a lever to summon more buildings. However, Nightmare emerges. The only way to damage him is to get to certain buildings that has a Celestial Laser and shoot at him with it. All other attacks do no damage.

Attacks Edit

Nightmare Slash: A default clawing attack with a chance to cause paralysis.

Dark Flame: Breathes fire.

Hell Scream: Screams to summon Void monsters to attack you.

Appearance Edit

Nightmare is a large supernatural (and genderless) being born in the Void. It is also made of nothing but dark and corrupted magic.

Trivia Edit

The overall boss fight is a direct reference to the Scarecrow fight from Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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