Mei Terumi is the Fifth Mizukage from The Hidden Mist Village. She is the RP Back-up character for M1870.


  • Water Style 100px-Nature Icon Water.svg- The abilty to use water jutsu.
  • Fire Style 100px-Nature Icon Fire.svg- The abilty to use fire jutsu.
  • Earth Style 100px-Nature Icon Earth.svg- The abilty to use earth jutsu.
  • Lava Style Kekkai Genkai 100px-Nature Icon Lava.svg- The abilty to use lava jutsu (It's made from Fire and Earth)
  • Boil Style Kekkai Genkai 100px-Nature Icon Boil.svg- The abilty to use boil jutsu (It's made from Fire and Water)
  • Clone Jutsu - Abilty to make a clone or a water clone.
  • Teleportation - The abilty to move from one place to another in an instant.

Note: Her jutsu cannot be used against her nor can her jutsu be absorbed.


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