Drako is Angry's son who appeared in the RP Call Me Drako. He gave himself a name by telling Drakath and Rigs "Call Me Drako!" He begins as an egg, washed up on the beach after Angry, his dad, died. He told Rigs and Drakath his father had a mate, and that's how he was born. Rigs and Drakath then vowed to protect him from monsters like the Sjake-abra. After they gathered up his dad's pieces, they had to preform a ritual to bring him back, but all of them had to keep their eyes closed or else something terrible would happen. Drako wanted to see Angry's essence, so he opened his eyes, and Angry came back as an evil monster who killed Drako.


Opened his eyes during the ritual, and got crushed by Angry.

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