Dr Mario

Dr. Mario is one of the many Mario counterparts. He is playable in all six installments in the All-Star Versus series. Unlike Mario, he is mainly projectile based. You have to unlock him in All-Star Versus 4: Elite by winning 10 Team Deathmatches while playing as Mario.


Super Jump Punch

Dr. Tornado (heals allies and damages enemies)


Fast Megavitamin

Syringe Gun


Explosive Megavitamin

Supercharged Attack: Dr. Finale. Same attack from Super Smash Bros 4

Outfits: All Dr Mario has is different colored outfits (SSBM and SSB4)

In Smash Bros Ultimate Edit

Dr Mario is a clone of Mario.

Standard Special: Megavitamin

Side: Cape

Recovery: Super Jump Punch

Down: Dr. Tornado

Final Smash: Dr. Finale

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