Who is Corruption? Edit

The Corruption was a parasite/supernatural entity created by Dark Wolf. His brother, Maverick said that the universe was looking great and he suggested Dark Wolf to create the Corruption to act as a counter attack. However, once this corruption was fully formed, it took over Dark Wolf's boy and started the events of All-Star Versus.

Corrupted Edit

The Corruption seems to have an ability to corrupt things around it, making it harmful to anyone who touches it (except Corruption itself). It has enough power to corrupt living beings. That explains why 60% of the entire military is corrupted. It also corrupted knights, animals, and even cloned other characters and corrupted the clones. However, in All-Star Versus 3: Ultimate, Corruption has enough power to corrupt Palkia, DIalga, Arceus, and even Broly.

Final Corruption Edit

Final Corruption is the final boss of All-Star Versus 4: Elite and All-Star Versus 5: The Final War. Once it left Dark Wolf's body, Final Corruption is formed by a large amount of standard Corruption and stolen power throughout the universe's destruction.

Final Corruption's First Form Attacks Edit


Corrupted Spawn


Black Hole

Vampire Blades

Ray Gun

Roar of Time

Final Corruption's Second Form Attacks Edit

Power Discharge

Pentagram Beam (Pentagram spawns and traps you to end up getting swarmed with beams, high chance of death)

Rainbow of Corruption


Digger (goes underground and comes back up underneath you)

Enemy Spawn

Hyperbeam 2

Final Corruption's Third/Final Form Attacks Edit

Black Hole X

Blade of Judgement

Corrupted Hyperbeam

Corrupted Blood


Corrupted Ray Gun

Missile Swarm

Tyrant Maze (Expert-Legendary Only) (Summons a maze of corrupted hyberbeams, get to the end of the maze to kill Final Corruption).

Death Edit

Final Cortuption gets killed twice. In All-Star Versus 4: Elite, after you weaken him heavily, Princess Celestia fires a fire laser at Final Corruption, burning him to death. However, in All-Star Versus 5: The Final War after you defeat him, he falls into a volcano. At that point he tries to unleash one more powerful attack, there is a quick time event where you have to shoot a nuke at him. After that, the nuke hits him and the volcano explodes. For the final death in All-Star Versus 6: The Nightmare's Reawakening, you can only kill him by killing Corruption's Soul which is found on only Master or Legendary. At that point, the soul of Corruption is officially dead, making it not possible for Corruption to return...or does it?

Corruption b Edit

Corruption b is the newst form of Corruption in All-Star Versus 6: The Nightmare's Reawakening. It transforms a lot faster and has even greater strength than ever before.

Battle Music Edit

All-Star Versus 4: Moon Lord (Terraria)

All-Star Versus 5: Mutated Derkek Simmons (Resident Evil 6)

All-Star Versus 6: Master Core (Super Smash Bros. 4)

Trivia. Edit

Corruption is a parody of Dark Power from Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Nightmare Moon's Darkness from MLP-FIM. All three of them want to put the whole world into eternal darkness (however Corruption wanted to put the whole universe into darkness before corrupting it and almost ending time completely).

Corruption got killed for good in All-Star Versus 5: The Final War before becoming "Corruption b" in All-Star Versus 6: The Nightmare's Reawakening.

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