All the bosses of All-Star Versus Series! This page also explains what characters the story gives you during your first time playing.

All-Star Versus Edit

Nightmares (Chapter 1) Edit

Golem (original): Golem is a huge mutant wielding a big ball and chain for a weapon. Characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Bowser. Music: Survive (no lyrics) (MADWORLD)

Yokozuna (MADWORLD): Same boss from MADWORLD. Characters: Wario, Sonic, and Leon. Music: Ain't That Funny (no lyrics) (MADWORLD)

Big Bowser: (Mario + Original) Just a big version of Bowser. Characters: Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. Music: Airship Theme (Super Smash Bros Brawl)

Eye and Brain of Cthulu: (Terraria) Both bosses put together. Pit and Kirby. Music: Boss Theme 3 (Terraria)

Menendez: (Resident Evil 4) Same fight, more fast paced. Leon, Chris, and Fox. Music: Melendez (Resident Evil 4)

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