This "special page" is made to show what the story is for all 6 (sixth one is confirmed and 5 is almost done) stories.

Backstory to the Whole Series Edit

Two gods called Maverick and Dark Wolf were creating the universe. The two gods were created as brothers and since things looked "two good" Maverick told Dark Wolf to add in a little counter. Dark Wolf then created The Corruption. Corruption is a parasite-like entity made of a special type of darkness. Little did Dark Wolf know, the Corruption grew too strong (even strong enough to possess a god) and took over Dark Wolf's body and reset time causing the universe to never exist. Before the universe reformed the Corruption and Dark Wolf was nothing but a small chunk of darkness stranded in the middle of nowhere. After The Big bang occurred the "reformation" was slowed down dramatically. Finally in 2015 A.D. Corruption has fully formed and the events of All-Star Versus 1-6 occurred.

All-Star Versus 1 Edit

The story focuses on where a god (Dark Wolf) opened up a portal which sucked in a bunch of characters like Mario, Wesker, and everyone else to kill them all and corrupt the whole universe. Time was heavily messed up causing the Milky Way to never exist but yet all the characters do. All the characters don't know that Dark Wolf was being possessed all along so they tried to fully kill him but failed due to is power. They had to travel 8 different worlds and enter "Heart of Darkness" where Dark Wolf was hiding.

All-Star Versus 2 Edit

The portal got even bigger and The Corruption spreader even more. Dark Wolf was revived and the war keeps going. Something keeps reviving Dark Wolf and the corruption doesn't go away. More characters get into this world and team up with all the others, More bosses and minions are also getting pulled in as well.

All-Star Versus 3: Ultimate Edit

Dark Wolf is the antagonist for the final time. The corruption seems to show no affect once Dark Wolf is killed. He was revived yet again but this time he is much more dangerous. The corruption now has enough power to destroy not just galaxy but the entire universe as well.

All-Star Versus 4: Elite Edit

The corruption has left Dark Wolf's body and now has its own mind. The corruption now has enough power to corrupt the universe AND end time at pure random. It shows this power while battling Dialga where he stopped almost every one of Dialga's attacks. The largest amount of newcomers team up to stop this strange entity once again.

All-Star Versus 5: The Final War Edit

The corruption is now at its last bit of energy. If our heroes fail to stop the corruption this time, time will come to an end and kill everyone (even entire galaxies). Dark Wolf is revived once again but this time he teamed up with all the other characters to kill what he created thousands of years ago.

All-Star Versus 6: The Nightmare's Reawakening Edit

It's been 30 years since the corruption has been finally defeated. The portals are still forever closed...or so our heroes thought, A new type of corruption along with new threats entered the universe and are trying to do what its old self failed.

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