"Time is slowly coming to an end, since when did a god's experiment go wrong? Corruption has came back in a new's only a matter of time before time comes to an end? Are you sure we can kill his soul in time?"

All-Star Versus 6 is so far the only cancelled installmet the All-Star Versus series. This story was supposed take place 30 years after the events of All-Star Versus 5: The Final War. However, since ASV 5 had the least amount of content, some data from this installment will be carried over.

Story Complete Change Edit

The story was supposed to be completely different. The combat is more fast paced. Certain characters have exclusive healing items (ex. Mario characters have mushrooms that no one else can use). There are now hub worlds and you can return to previous worlds.

Exclusive items: Edit

Mario: Mushroom, Super Mushroom, Ultra Mushroom, Life Mushroom, Ultimate Mushroom, Star, .

MLP: Harmony Gem, Love Gem, Life Gem, Star Gem, Ultimate Gem, Element of Fire, Element of Water, Element of Electric,

Race Edit

The new race gametype has been finished! Note: This gametype is extremely challenging and not meant to be played competitively.

Race Maps Edit

Rainbow Road (MK 8), Mute City, Toad's Turnpike, Delfino Plaza, Baby Park, Wario Colosseum, Mario Circuit (Original MK), Phantom Road, Port Town Aero Drive, Big Blue, F-Zero Grand Prix (Super Smash Bros Melee), Casino Palace, Casino Park/Bingo Highway,

Uplink Edit

Yes, Uplink from Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 is now a new gamemode for the All-Star Versus series. It is the exact same gametype but only available on medium, big, or and giant maps.

New Characters! Edit

Finally! After a few months, new characters are finally shown! Patriarch, Moarg, Gargantua, Sha of Fear, Zack Fair, Corrin, Starlight Glimmer, Water Hazard, Oogie Boogie, Alpine Predator, Argon Guardian, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Jeanne, Hans Volter, Asgore, Papyrus, Sans, Toriel,

New Stages Edit

Island (TDI), Google PAC-MAZE, Google Gravity, Snowplow, Dream Central, Crystal Prep Academy, Mahi Mahi Resort, Museum d' Alfonsino, Super Mario Maker, Bowser in The Sky, Lethal Lava Land, Moonshine (Event), Chaos Realm, Midgar, Rainbow Falls, Day Dream's Pizza, Smash Bros High, Equal Town (MLP), Moray Tower, Bluefin Depot, Urchin Underpass, Blackberry Skatepark, Rusty Bucket Bay, Swarm (Slender Fortress), Underground (Slender Fortress), Atomics (Slender Fortress), Upheaval, Sky Top, Snowcoast, Landfall, Highpass, Vanguard,Exodus, Redwood, Exodus, Springdale, Infected (Black Ops 3), Town (Goat Simulator),  

Hidden Bosses in Smash Run (SPOILERS!) Edit

Smash Run has returned into this installment with a little hidden boss battle. Since Smash Run didn't contain any bosses before, this is a rather odd addition. If you go into the mechanical part of the dungeon (located to the bottom right), hit these terminals in a certain order: 5, 2, 4, 3, 1, and Snake from Snake will fight you at the very top of the dungeon. Yes, the classic Snake is in fact a bonus boss battle. Centipede can also be found by hitting terminals 1, 4, 2, 3, and 5.

New Smash Run Enemies Edit

Cacodemon, Baron of Hell, Cyberdemon, Spiderdemon, Arch-vile, Revenant, Mancubus, Hell Knight, Imp, Skeleton (TF2), Gabel, Frost Scrake, Gingerfast, Scrake, Huskotron, Santa Bloat, Nutpounder, Fleshpound, Bloat, Husk, Endermite, Guardian,

Perks Edit

Perks are a series of special effects that you can bring into multiplayer and story. You can have up to three perks at once.



Super Armor


Danger Close

One Man Army



Achievements! Edit

Yes, All-Star Versus will now be getting Achievements! Complete these challenges to obtain them!

General Edit

New Guy- Input your own character into the game!

All-Star Versus 1- use every fighter that has been around since the first game!

Rotation- Play on every map at least once.

Unlocked!- Use every All-Star Versus 4: Elite unlockable fighters!

First Blood- Get the first kill in a multiplayer game.

Final Kill- Get the final kill in a multiplayer game.

First AND Final Kill!- Get the first blood and final kill in a multiplayer game.

Killtacular!- Earn a killtactular medal in Free For All (5 consecutive kills)

Raided- Complete any Raid Mode mission.

How Long Did You Survive?- Play a match of Smash Run.

Mercenary- Survive 5 minutes of Smash Run.

Soldier- Survive 10 minutes of Smash Run.

Elite- Survive 15 minutes of Smash Run.

Super Soldier- Survive 20 minutes of Smash Run.

Big Man Down!- Defeat your first boss.

Zombies Defeated!- Defeat El Gigante

UMP Defeated!- Defeat The Commander

Darkness Defeated!- Defeat Dark Core

ZAT Defeated!- Defeat Pinkamena

Aliens Defeated!- Defeat Alien Admiral

Corrupted Defeated!- Defeat Corruption b

Retro Kill!- Defeat the two secret Smash Run bosses! (Snake and Centipede)

Master Slayer!- Defeat every boss (including the two secret bosses in Smash Run and Corruption's Soul)

Flawless Master Slayer!- Defeat every boss with a flawless victory.

It Was Just a Bad Dream!- Complete the story on Very Easy or Easy

I Thought It Never Happened...- Complete the story on Normal

That Was a Nightmare All Right!- Complete the story on Hard

I Wish It Never Happened!- Complete the story on Very Hard

Living Nightmare!- Complete the story on Intense or Master

Even Gods Have Nightmares!- Complete the story on the hardest possible difficulty (LEGENDARY)!

It's Finally Over!- Defeat Corruption's Soul (only found on Master or Legendary)

You Are a Legend!- Defeat Corruption's Soul without dying.

Trophy Room- Obtain EVERY trophy

Ponybots Five Minutes of Danger- Survive five minutes of Smash Run using any MLP and Robot character.

Cloud Strife Strikes!- Obtain a flawless victory on any boss while playing as Cloud.

Light Like a Feather- Win a free for all using a rushdown character with lightweight perk. Unlocks Feather Night trophy.

Missions Edit

1-1 Completed- Complete Midnight

1-2 Completed- Complete Infected

1-3 Completed- Complete Containment Breach

1-4 Completed- Complete Dead Rises Again

1-5 Completed- Complete Insanity

1-6 Completed- Complete Mechanical Madness

2-1 Completed- Complete Halberd Rises

2-2 Completed- Complete Bowser In The Sky

2-3 Completed- Complete Road Rage

2-4 Completed- Complete Dawn of a New Era

2-5 Completed- Complete

Trophies Edit

There are new trophies! Sadly, no Zelda, Hardware, and bunch of categories didn't get a new trophy.

MLP: Diamond Mint, Lemony Gem, Amethyst Star, Holly Dash, Fine Line, Babs Seed, Boy Bullies (Hoops, Dumb-Bell, and Score), Maud Pie, Noi, Night Knight, Lily Valley, Roseluck, Merry May, Princess Erroria, Amber Waves, Spoiled Rich, Shadowbolts (EG), and Principle Cinch.

FNaF: Jack O Bonnie, Jack O Chica, Nightmarrionie, Nightmare BB, Crying Child, Toy Foxy, Paper Plate Men, Pizza, Phantom BB, Phantom Mangle, and Mini Freddy

Other: Inkling Squid, Pyrite, Pong, Tetris, Shopkins, Wikia, Dr Lobe, Nikki, Mary O, Coursebot, Undo Dog, Amiibo, Gold Mega Man, Animal Crossing Cards, Ryoma, Xander, Miyuki Takara, Konata, Hatsune Miku, Asriel Dreemur, Asgore, Undyne, Undyne The Undying, Chara, Toriel, Papyrus, Sans, Barbara the Bat, Mercedes Benz,

Final Fantasy: Ifrit, Ramuh, Odin, Bahamut Zero, Leviathan, and Orphan.

Fallout: Gutsy, Tunneler Mound, Capital Wasteland,

Meta vs Unitle: Red Rivalry, Day Dream, Energy Remora, Katrina, Dark White, Behemoth, Whistler, Airella Blaze, Armored Werewolf, Krauser, Nitro Dash, Electra Winds, Cloud Strike, Feather Night, and Sugar Blossom.

Meta vs Unitle Edit

A RP and a series of stories and art has been turned into trophies. There are also three MvU stages. Day Dream's Pizza, Sky Top, and Smash Bros High.

Wiki Link:

Sky Top Edit

The new special stage; Sky Top is a large stage made of clouds incredibly high in the sky right above an ocean. Here in this stage, something called Electra Summons are found. Obtainit and you can summon the Meta vs Unitle character; Electra Winds. She and Sky Shimmer appear in the stage.

Electra Winds: Edit

If you use the Electra Summon she will appear and cause some serious destruction to the battlefield. She can either; cut the stage in half, invert controls, summoning thunder strikes, or even call in a tornado.

Sky Shimmer: Edit

She appears at complete random. She can either assist everyone or screw everyone over. She can either create additional platforms, remove them, create moving clouds, or throw clouds at fighters that push them back.

Special Ops Edit

These special missions' overall difficulty and length is based on which "rank" it's in. There is 8 missions in each rank.

Difficulties: Normal, Hardcore, and Insane. Edit

A Rank: Mostly fun, short, and sweet levels. A little something for everyone. Edit

Target Practice (run through a field and destroy targets fast as possible)

1-1 through 1-4 (Normal Super Mario Bros Levels)

Worship Area Temple (Same puzzle from Resident Evil 5)

Takedown (Survive 5 rounds of enemy soldiers. First round has 25 soldiers, second round has 40, third has 35 but 1 truck, fourth has 48 but 1 helicopter, and fifth has only 1 tank.)

Snatch n' Grab (same spec op in Modern Warfare 2)

The Sewers (run through a sewer and fight the Novistadors from Resident Evil 4)

Low Profile (sneak through a facility and shut down the power)

B Rank: Provides a decent challenge Edit

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